1. We guarantee that all products are checked for technical suitability and set completeness. Documents confirming our liability for any manufacturing defects are provided.
    2. All the machinery on our site is under manufacturer’s guarantee protection.
    3. All products have a 7-year guarantee.

    4. In case of breakage contacting our manager will be enough to call a repairman. Your application will be worked through by our service centre coordinator in no time.

    5. You can return a purchased item within 14 days without giving any explanations. Money will be returned to the credit card used when purchasing, a bank check can also be issued.

    6. Before returning anything please contact us. Any item returned without warning will be sent back to the client.

    7. If postal or transportation services are used for returning a purchased product, please keep in mind that the mentioned item should be insured, as it can be damaged during delivery. We do not accept broken machinery.

    8. Individually designed parts cannot be returned, as they were made specially for you.

    9. Items that have been used for wrong purposes or applied in discrepancy with the exploitation instructions are not eligible for guarantee.

Before signing the receipt

      1. Carefully check that the received machinery is compliant with the placed order and documents.

      2. Remove packaging, check the item for any damage possibly received during the course of delivery.

      3. After the receipt is signed by the client or his/her representative, the supplier does is not responsible for any discrepancies or visible damage.