The Hungarian trademark Technical is one of the world’s leading producers of furnaces, fireboxes, boilers, coating materials and many more products connected with the heating machinery. During the years the name has become symbolic. Practically every European knows what is being discussed, when he hears the name Technical.

Tremendous effort, funds and time is invested by the manufacturer into the products’ design. Wide variety of outer lining offered by Technical can help to make even the most artistic ideas a reality. The same goes for the heating machinery produced by the trademark.

Products by Technical

A variety of products is manufactured:

  • cast fireboxes;

  • EVO-fireboxes;

  • electric furnaces<

  • heating units with water contours;

  • outer lining materials, parts and accessories.

As can be seen from the wide assortment, Technical offers complex heating solutions.

Technical’s products have conquered the market with their high quality. Every item is absolutely compliant with international safety, efficiency and ecological standards.

Technical fireboxes’ characteristics

A set of key principles corresponding to Technical’s corporate policy is taken as a basis for designing a certain model.

    1. Safety is above all. This aspiration is manifested in the fact that all of Techical’s furnaces are equipped with the necessary means against ignition, burns and other risks to human life and health.
    2. Eco-friendliness. It is expressed through the use of advanced environment-saving technologies.

    3. High efficiency. All our fireboxes guarantee the highest energy conversion efficiency, regardless of the area of use.

    4. Aesthetics. Best European designers were engaged in creating every furnace of the model line. This is also true of outer lining materials.

    5. Satisfaction of usersneeds. Product developers are constantly monitoring demand. Every customer’s wish is instantly made real.
    6. Usage of ultramodern technologies. Latest developments and breakthroughs are represented in Technical’s model.

The central mission of technical is the creation of a comfortable environment through providing long-lasting, practical, efficient and beautiful products.