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Nominal heat output kW 23,1  (26,2)
Nominal heat output to water kW 12,4  (21,5)
Nominal heat output to air for radiation kW 10,7  (4,7)
Efficiency at rated power % 70,5  (80)
CO measured at 13% of O2 at rated power % 0,226  (0,226)
* Heatable space with a demand of 35 kcal/m3 m3 430
Overall dimensions of log combustion chamber (L x P x H) cm 26 x 44 x 40
Dimensions (L x P x H) cm 62,5 x 60 x 87,5
Weight Kg 200

* Depending on the fuel burnt the type of construction and the insulation of the building

** The values in parenthesis (...) indicate data obtained by considering a 6-hour long use at standard working conditions


The HEATING STOVE TS-TSP has the same characteristics as the thermo-cooker, the only difference being that it does not have an oven for cooking and the enamelled top plate is smaller. Due to its compact size, it is suitable for small kitchens. It is available in several versions (the TStop and TSPtop with SICURO top) or the traditional models (TS2000 and TSP2000). Both models supply hot domestic water.

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26,2 (23,1)

Dimensions (L x P x H)

62,5 x 60 x 87,5