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Nominal heat input kW 25,2
Nominal heat output kW 22,7
Nominal heat output to water kW 17,5
Nominal heat output to air fot radiation kW 5,2
Efficiency at rated power (reduced) % 90,1 (92)
CO measured at 13% of O2 at rated power (reduced) % 0,02 (0,04)
* Heatable space with a demand of 35 kcal/m3 m3 560
Dimensions (L x P x H) cm 120 x 60 x 87,5
Weight Kg 330

* Depending on the fuel burnt the type of construction and the insulation of the building


Fully automated and outputting 17.5 kW to water, the SMART 120 will comfortably provide all your central heating and hot water needs as well as being a striking centrepiece in your kitchen. It has an ample hotplate and a sealed oven that quickly heat up when the stove is running. There is also an option to add insulated hob covers, which will increase the heat going to the water and oven, and decrease the heat given to the kitchen. Its internal hopper holds 32 kilos of pellets, which are fed into the fire chamber as the fuel is required, and subsequently burned at over 90% efficiency thanks to KLOVER’s advanced combustion system. The SMART 120 is available in two styles: a contemporary design with a black and brushed stainless steel finish and a rustic model with tiled inserts. The SMART 120 can be fitted with a top or rear flue.

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Dimensions (L x P x H)

120 x 60 x 87,5