Shakespeare’s works are not the only reason why Italian province of Verona is famous. In the 1970s the Klover company was created there. Since then San Bonifacio has constantly been the true capital of elite heating machinery. Even the earliest boilers and fireboxes had advantages over their competitors, being more comfortable, effective, practical and well-designed.

Nearly half a century has passed, yet traditions have stayed, transforming first into goals and later into a mission that has survived until these days. Best Italian constructors, engineers and designers have placed their soul and effort into each exemplar of the model line.

What is Klover’s global mission?

One of the key principles that defines the aspirations of Klover’s workers and management is accuracy in details. Nothing that is produced should have anything superfluous, nor should any parts be missing. Tremendous amounts of money, time and effort are invested into the creation of every single part. For Klover there are no insignificant trifles.

This manufacturer follows a clear mission:

    1. Passionate design and manufacturing. No negligence. Every worker fully dedicates himself to his activity.

    2. Customers safety. The products exclude any danger to humans.

    3. Eco-friendliness. Environment conservation is one of the key factors taken into account during development, designing and manufacturing.

    4. An aspiration to development. Klover’s constructors’ bureau is constantly developing new mwthods and technologies. This includes integration of super-modern XXI technologies in machinery and fuel.
    5. An orientation towards the customers’ desires. Sociologists take part in designing process by researching demand, people’s requirements and interests.

    6. Fair prices. The prices of products correspond with their quality and efficiency.

The totality of these factors defines Klover’s mission and philosophy.

A variety of Klover’s products

The Klover company produces goods for differnet fields of human activity: household work, free time, comfort. This is why the whole model line can be divided into 5 categories.

  • thermo kitchens;

  • fireboxes for saunas;

  • bar-b-que;

  • fireplaces;

  • heating boilers.

Everything that is produced under the Klover trademark corresponds to the international efficiency, quality, durability, environmental and personal safety standards.

Get the Klover’s machinery – it will add cosiness, warmth and elegance to your house.

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