Peace and love blossom in a house that has live fire. The Klover company has created its wood- and pellets-fuelled fireplaces and thermo furnaces specially for homes like that.

The products are elegant and will suit even the most exquisite interiors. Ceramic glass makes it possible for you to appreciate bright flames.

However, these are not merely fancy decorations but also a powerful means to warm you during the cold, if connected to the house’s heating system.



Kitchens by Klover

Are you in need of a complex solution for cooking, heating and hot water? Klover’s thermo kitchens are the best offer on the market!

Elegance, frugality and eco-friendliness – these are the main reasons to purchase a Klover thermo kitchen.

It will perfectly blend in the most exquisite design. You won’t have to make a separate boiler room, while a small amount of wood or pellets will allow you to heat the entire house.

Multifunctionality and a possibility to enhance the available options will satisfy any of your requests.

Klover’s kitchens will make your home energy efficient.


Klover’s wood-fuelled Russian sauna offers pleasant relaxation after a hard day and dusty streets. You can fill your body with hot air, filled with the aroma of herbs and ether oils.

In the sauna you can enjoy different hygienic procedures, but that’s not the most important part! Taking a sauna rejuvenates and revitalises your body. It makes your blood flow, heart beat, skin breath, strengthening your immunity and clearing the respiratory apparatus at the same time.

Surprise your friends with a wood-fuelled sauna. It definitely won’t leave anyone cold.

Klover’s sauna will present you as a person dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle!






Did you know that you can cook bar-b-que? No!

Klover’s grill will allow you to make the best bar-b-que ever!

With its help, you can create culinary masterpieces for a family dinner. It will also become the centre of a jolly party.

Klover’s grill will decorate the lawn of your garden, while keeping the grass safe from burning and fat squirts.

Just as all the other items released under Klover trademark, the grill is elegant, highly functional and long-lasting.


How to save money, while keeping warm? Klover’s boilers solve both issues simultaneously!

The energy conversion efficiency of this boiler is up to 90% – only a perpetuum mobile can be more efficient!

The boilers are to be placed in utility rooms and should be connected to house’s hot water supply and heating systems.

Klover’s boilers are environment friendly and help you save space, while being absolutely safe.



Any questions?

In case you encounter complexities while making a choice or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Our specialist will gladly help you make the right choice and place the order.

“Ready to use” installation.

A “ready to use” installation includes all the necessary installation services. As a result you will receive a fully functioning and ready to use heating system.



Services available for additional cost

(the price depends on a model, please contact our consultants for specification)

Connecting to the room.
Adding options.
Establishing a connection.
Preventive cleaning.
Replacing consumables.

In order to save time and rescources you can request a “ready to use” installation, that will include all the necessary services – from choosing the required machinery to launching it.

Free shipping

Free shipping is offered within the city of Tallinn.

Money back

You can return an ordered item within 14 days without any explanation.

Expert’s consultancy

A specialist will be sent to your home, if necessary. The first hour of consultancy is free of charge.

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